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iTaNGO is a project presented by the Victorian Department of Human Services, the Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development and Infoxchange Australia to give Victorian community sector organisations the knowledge and resources to get the most out of their information communication technology (ICT) setup.

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The iTaNGO Knowledgebase houses hundreds of hand-picked resources tailored to help community organisations to improve their digital proficiency.
From how-to guides, to reusable templates to informative articles the Knowledgebase covers all aspects of ICT to help answer your questions from the most basic to the more advanced.


Get started with one of these toolkits of essential resources:

iTaNGO Case Study Report

ICT planning

iTaNGO workshop materials

Social media

Cloud computing


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The iTaNGO Communities of Practice online discussion boards are the place to go to your ICT questions answered. The community of experts, facilitators and like-minded peers work toward resolving shared problems surrounding information and communication technologies.

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The project will be running information sessions, training workshops and online meetups to extend the learning and provide opportunities for group collaboration and one on one discussions. At this stage all formal events have concluded.

All formal iTaNGO events have concluded.