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Security in the Cloud

Security remains to be one of the largest concerns when considering a move of a system or application to the Internet, or the "cloud."

IT in the Cloud: Understanding the Risks

In cloud computing, you're entrusting your data and the proper operation of things to something or someone you don't know and probably have little access to.

Risk assessment in a nutshell

A checklist to to help with risk assessments and to guage the disaster recovery needs of your organisation.

The GPCG Computer Security Self-Assessment Guideline and Checklist for General Practitioners

This is a useful guide to data security and, while it has a focus on general medical practice, much of the information is relevant to small to medium community service organisations.  It was produced by the Department of General Practice, Monash University.

Clear screen policy

A clear screen policy directs all your organisation’s employees to lock their computers when leaving their desk and to log off when leaving for an extended period of time.

Working Safely Online Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

Being able to work from anywhere presents great opportunities. However it’s important to keep security in mind when working away from the office. Here we look at the potential security risks and how to reduce them.

Giving Your Service Users Access To Your Computers

If you have service users (including clients and trainees) who are entitled to use computing and other facilities in your offices, it is essential that you consider how secure your systems are. This article describes the precautions that can be taken to make sure your IT systems are used and not abused.

Don’t Lose That (USB) Stick

USB sticks are widely used but can present risks to your organisation. This ICT Champion briefing looks at the risks and how to avoid them.

Internet Use Policy

Here are the main issues about internet use by staff.

Online security

A background to ensuring the online security of your organisation.

Inside Network Security Assessment: Guarding Your IT Infrastructure

A collection of utilities and templates that will take you through the network security assessment process.

Facebook security best practices

How to protect your privacy and identity on Facebook.

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