iTaNGO Knowledgebase

The iTaNGO Knowledgebase contains a library of resources and references to encourage community service organisations (CSOs) to:

  • develop their understanding of digital proficiency
  • embrace the need for an information communication technology (ICT) plan
  • undertake the production of an ICT plan.

The resources include documents and articles produced by Infoxchange under creative commons licence arrangements, documents and articles produced by other ICT organisations under creative commons licence and copyright documents provided under agreement with other copyright holders.

Also included are appropriate web site links that users are encouraged to explore wherever they find relevance to their own situation.

The resource is called a Knowledgebase because it is a resource intended to provide CSOs with the knowledge required to produce informed and effective ICT plans.

Documents will be found that relate to the main functions of ICT planning including the use of hardware, software, the internet and social media. There is a particular focus on aids in ICT planning including templates and checklists covering the essential practical aspects of developing digital proficiency in CSOs.

There are also documents intended to assist each of the main groups involved in CSOs:

  • management bodies
  • community leaders and chief executive officers
  • management teams
  • administrators
  • service delivery staff
  • ICT support and technical staff.

Finally there are documents to assist those assigned the responsibility of developing and applying an ICT plan:

  • management body ICT officers
  • management body ICT sub-committees
  • staff ICT officers
  • staff ICT committees
  • ICT technical and support staff.

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The Knowledgebase is a community resource so if you would like to suggest resources that aren't present on the site already, either notify us using the contact form or submit them yourself here.